All Club Members

Co-founder & Co-CEO of EatTasty

Rui Costa

Co-founder of Zenklub

José Simões

Co-Founder & COO of Darwin Interactive

Rui Pena

Co-Founder & CEO of Darwin Interactive

Nuno Gonçalinho

Founder & CEO of Productized

André Marquet

Investor, Advisor, Board Observer at Payload

Christian Thaler-Wolski

Co-founder & CEO of Semasio

Kasper Skou

President of Startup Heatmap Europe

Thomas Kösters

CEO at BySide

Vitor Magalhães

Founder & CEO of Didimo

Veronica Orvalho

Co-founder & CEO of HiJiffy

Tiago Araújo

Founder & CEO of Wisecrop

Tiago Sá

Co-founder & CEO of 7Graus

Rui Marques

Co-founder & CEO of Jscrambler

Rui Ribeiro

Service Operations Director at AddVolt

Rodrigo Pires

Co-founder of Subvisual

Roberto Machado

Founder & CEO of LOQR

Ricardo Costa

Co-founder & CEO of Abyssal

Rafael Simão

Co-founder & CTO of Jscrambler

Pedro Fortuna

Co-founder & CEO of Coverflex

Nuno Pinto

Co-founder & CEO of Probely

Nuno Loureiro

Co-founder of GoParity

Nuno Brito

Co-founder of IkuTeam

Nelson Pereira

Co-founder of Uniplaces

Miguel Santo Amaro

Co-Founder & co-CEO of Issho Technology

Mauro Reggla

Co-founder & CEO of Taikai

Mário Alves

Founder & CEO of Climber

Mário Mouraz

Founder of Adapttech

Mario Saenz

Co-founder of eSolidar

Marco Barbosa

Co-founder, CTO and VP of Product at Infrapseak

Luis Martins

Co-founder of HUUB

Luis Roque

Founder & CEO of B-Guest, Head of Partnerships & New Markets at Infrapseak

José Vieira

Founder & CEO of Animegami

José Airosa

Co-founder of Posso Ir?

João Oliveira

Founder & CEO of Humaniaks

João Costa

Co-founder & CEO of Lovys

João Cardoso

Co-founder of Decision Eyes

João Bana

Founder of GetSocial

João Romão

Founders & CEO of Veniam

João Barros

Co-founder & CEO of Speak

Hugo Aguiar