Founders Founders was built by five tech startup founders, Felipe Gagliardini Avila da Costa, José Afonso Faria dos Santos, Paulo Machado da Silva Cunha, Rui Miguel dos Santos Couto Ferreira e Tiago Jorge de Pinho Carvalho.

As friends, tech addicts, community supporters, and entrepreneurs by heart, in 2015 they felt a need for places where founders could share, grow and learn together. As we now see it, there was a need for peer-to-peer mentoring.

So, they started building a community based on those values: collaboration and sharing attitude.

Founders Founders is a community of entrepreneurs that foster peer-to-peer mentoring and knowledge transfer between startup founders. We are an international network of entrepreneurs, investors, strategic partners, and specialists in marketing, sales, and tech.

Today, Founders Founders has 3 Houses, Founders Founders Porto Marquês, Founders Founders Porto  Oriental, and Founders Founders Lisboa, a network of about 500 people and the resident startups working at our houses have raised more than 50 Million Euros in investment.

Together with our resident startups, community heroes, and partners, we are continuing to build the biggest peer-to-peer mentoring tech community in Portugal.

If you want to know more about us see our F2 Club Page and what we have done with and for the tech community on the Projects Page.