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F2 Weekly #54 | Work 🆚 Life

F2 Weekly #54 | Work 🆚 Life Work - life balance. ⚖ It’s a very popular topic that is trending with many different interpretations & many applications. 🔢 I’ll share one illustration of work-life balance that was once told to me. 😉 Imagine work-life balance as juggling. 🤹 Each ball that you juggle represents an important part [...]

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F2 Weekly #46 | Mind your culture 🆘

F2 Weekly #46 | Mind your culture 🆘 A few weeks ago Bitmaker launched a special book – 📖  a book about their culture called “The World, My Work & Me” 🌐  (more info). My purpose here isn’t to promote the book (although in a way I am 😁), instead, I wish to draw attention to the company's [...]

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