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F2 Weekly #100 | Do you have an A-team? ?

F2 Weekly #100 | Do you have an A-team?  An unbalanced team is not a team. ⚖️ When you hire a group of people, ? don't assume you hired a team. ? You have to account for many things like each member's personality ?and how it fits in the team. ?You have to account for different levels of [...]

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F2 Weekly #86 | “Are you a catalyst?” ?

F2 Weekly #86 | "Are you a catalyst?" ? In chemistry, a catalyst is an agent that is added to a process in order to speed up a reaction.?  In a broader sense, a catalyst is a thing or a person that causes or facilitates change. ? If we adapt this concept to the entrepreneurial [...]

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F2 Weekly #49 | Jingle, jingle! ⛄??

F2 Weekly #49 | Jingle, jingle! ⛄?? Yes, probably you’ve had it with the Christmas decorations ? already, but we just couldn’t resist the temptation of sharing our Christmas spirit with you. ? We had a lot of fun decorating ✨ ? & we want to show everybody what we managed to create together as a community. ✌ It is [...]

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F2 Weekly #48 | Hiring? Hiring! ?

F2 Weekly #48 | Hiring? Hiring! ? Since many startups of our community are looking for new team members ?(Bitmaker, Infraspeak, TonicApp) I decided to explore their hiring processes & share them with you (they might come in handy to you). ? So how do our start-ups' HR departments (aka the founders themselves) tackle hiring? ? They Reach [...]

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F2 Weekly #47 | Team Up ?

F2 Weekly #47 | Team Up ? Founders Founders’ resident companies do not stop to amaze. ?  This time, ShiftForward was the one who shined! ? So, what did they do, you might ask❓ They produced their own beer. ?  Their own Belgian Golden Ale to be exact. ?(Yes, their weekly Friday beer afternoons transformed the team from clueless amateurs to beer-brewing [...]

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F2 Weekly #46 | Mind your culture ?

F2 Weekly #46 | Mind your culture ? A few weeks ago Bitmaker launched a special book – ?  a book about their culture called “The World, My Work & Me” ?  (more info). My purpose here isn’t to promote the book (although in a way I am ?), instead, I wish to draw attention to the company's [...]

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