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F2 Weekly #81 | Prepare today, succeed tomorrow ?

F2 Weekly #81 | Prepare today, succeed tomorrow ? Preparation is so often overlooked. ? Yet it’s the first step towards effective results. ? Look at any athlete. ?️ Or a musician. ? Or a parent. ? Although we could prepare ourselves to almost any personal and professional endeavour, we generally don’t do it. ⏸️ And I noticed we’re especially sloppy when [...]

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F2 Weekly #70 | The chosen one ?

F2 Weekly #70 | The chosen one ? Remember elementary school exams? ? The initial eagerness you had inside you to prove your teacher that you know something? ? The doubts you felt about your answers after your tests? ? How about hearing your classmates discussing their answers afterwards and you entering a panic mode because you didn’t [...]

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F2 Weekly #68 | Don’t lose your temper ?

F2 Weekly #68 | Don't lose your temper ? Ever been angry? ? I sure have. ? For that reason, I wish to share a story that was told to me when I was little that may show us a different perspective and rethink our anger. ? “Once upon a time there was a boy ? who had a [...]

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F2 Weekly #67 | Acquired ?

F2 Weekly #67 | Acquired ? Bomshakalaka, the residents have done it again! ? ShiftForward is the second company from Founders Founders that was successfully acquired (read all about it HERE). ? I wanted to share with you something deeper than what you can read in the news about ShiftForward’s achievement, something closer to the [...]

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F2 Weekly #66 | Attitude matters ☝️

F2 Weekly #66 | Attitude matters ☝ Attitude matters. ☝ Attitude for me means choosing how you act upon everything, always. It’s not only how you face tough decisions and overcome obstacles. It’s also about simple things, like saying hello each morning, opening a door, helping someone in need etc. ? If you believe you could improve your [...]

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F2 Weekly #65 | Happy Anniversary ?

F2 Weekly #65 | Happy Anniversary ? One year and one day ago we officially inaugurated Founders Founders. ? To honour the first year anniversary of this community, I decided to reflect on what has changed since then. ⌛? We achieved so much!  Our Founders House #1 is almost completely full and packed with 16 magnificent residents. ? More [...]

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F2 Weekly #62 | The sky is the limit ⛅

F2 Weekly #62 | The sky is the limit ⛅ As all of you know, Stephen Hawking ?past away this week. ⚰ What can we learn from this brilliant mastermind besides his fascinating scientific theories? Courage ?– Stephan courageously faced his illness, even though it was scary, uncertain and deadly. So, do what frightens you. [...]

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F2 Weekly #57 | What Makes a Genius? ??

F2 Weekly #57 | What Makes a Genius? ?? Yesterday was our cultural day in Slovenia, ?? called “Prešeren Day”. What does that even mean? Well, in short the holiday is a celebration of Slovenian’s greatest poet ever, ✍France Prešeren (so great even our anthem includes a part of his work ? ). Do not worry, I won’t be preaching you [...]

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