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BANG! Massive Sales Week

The BANG! MASSIVE SALES WEEK is a 5-day journey through sales organization, sales development, executive sales, sales operations, and sales leadership. This special event was designed to help startup founders, sales leaders and every type of sales executives build the world-class sales operations they need to succeed while developing their own careers. This Bootcamp is a unique [...]

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F2 Weekly #63 | On fire ?

F2 Weekly #63 | On fire ? This whole week we've been pretty occupied with the BOOM - Massive Growth Week. ? So far this 5-day marketing & sales journey ?has been marvellous. ?We had the opportunity to hear some astonishing talks & unique experiences. ? I'm glad ? the whole community got together & made it happen (props to [...]

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F2 Weekly #59 | ? BOOM ?

F2 Weekly #59 | ? BOOM ? Wonderful news! ? For the past few weeks we have been working on something remarkable. ?We have gathered the whole start-up community of Porto ?–  ANJE, PDF, UPTEC  & ScaleUp Porto – and together with them we prepared a unique event: ?BOOM - Massive Growth Week ? So what is it all about? BOOM is [...]

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