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F2 Weekly #67 | Acquired 💞

F2 Weekly #67 | Acquired 💞 Bomshakalaka, the residents have done it again! 😜 ShiftForward is the second company from Founders Founders that was successfully acquired (read all about it HERE). 🙌 I wanted to share with you something deeper than what you can read in the news about ShiftForward’s achievement, something closer to the [...]

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F2 Weekly #66 | Attitude matters ☝️

F2 Weekly #66 | Attitude matters ☝ Attitude matters. ☝ Attitude for me means choosing how you act upon everything, always. It’s not only how you face tough decisions and overcome obstacles. It’s also about simple things, like saying hello each morning, opening a door, helping someone in need etc. 😃 If you believe you could improve your [...]

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F2 Weekly #65 | Happy Anniversary 🎊

F2 Weekly #65 | Happy Anniversary 🎊 One year and one day ago we officially inaugurated Founders Founders. 👏 To honour the first year anniversary of this community, I decided to reflect on what has changed since then. ⌛😉 We achieved so much!  Our Founders House #1 is almost completely full and packed with 16 magnificent residents. 🤩 More [...]

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F2 Weekly #64 | 🔙 to the future

F2 Weekly #64 | 🔙 to the future Do you ever wonder about what our future will look like? 🤔 What future tech developments will bring us? Which improvements or dangers we will face? 💡 Computers 💻 have drastically changed the way we live so far and will, without a doubt, further change our lives in the years [...]

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F2 Weekly #63 | On fire 🔥

F2 Weekly #63 | On fire 🔥 This whole week we've been pretty occupied with the BOOM - Massive Growth Week. 💥 So far this 5-day marketing & sales journey 🚵has been marvellous. 🤩We had the opportunity to hear some astonishing talks & unique experiences. 👍 I'm glad 🙏 the whole community got together & made it happen (props to [...]

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F2 Weekly #62 | The sky is the limit ⛅

F2 Weekly #62 | The sky is the limit ⛅ As all of you know, Stephen Hawking 🙌past away this week. ⚰ What can we learn from this brilliant mastermind besides his fascinating scientific theories? Courage 💪– Stephan courageously faced his illness, even though it was scary, uncertain and deadly. So, do what frightens you. [...]

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F2 Weekly #60 | In the limelight ✨

F2 Weekly #60 | In the limelight ✨ Yes, I’m sharing another video with you. 😜 And this time it’s all about us, Founders Founders. 🌟 Well, and also about 3 of our resident members, Adapttech, Bitmaker & Infraspeak. 😁 We were featured in Porto Canal's  "Fora da Caixa" as an entrepreneurship promotion project. 🔝We spoke a little bit about our dynamics and [...]

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F2 Weekly #59 | 💥 BOOM 💥

F2 Weekly #59 | 💥 BOOM 💥 Wonderful news! 🤩 For the past few weeks we have been working on something remarkable. 👍We have gathered the whole start-up community of Porto 👥–  ANJE, PDF, UPTEC  & ScaleUp Porto – and together with them we prepared a unique event: 💥BOOM - Massive Growth Week 💥 So what is it all about? BOOM is [...]

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F2 Weekly #58 | Knowledge is power 💪

F2 Weekly #58 | Knowledge is power 💪 This week we’ve been speaking a lot about our traditional educational system 📚 🏫 & other alternative forms 🆕, such as the program of our newest resident TNDS. I believe that learning is a continuous & never-ending process, and that the traditional educational system can only get us so [...]

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