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F2 Weekly #77 | Unplugged 🔌

F2 Weekly #77 | Unplugged 🔌 You’re on vacations, 😌 lying down on a sandy beach 🏖or exploring a new country 📍and instead of relaxing, you’re: a) Thinking about quickly checking your email 📧 or slack b) Wondering if everything is good at work 🤔 c) Thinking about how you’ll deal with future projects 🔮 d) Being called to resolve [...]

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F2 Weekly #76 | Don’t panic 😳

F2 Weekly #76 | Don't panic 😳 What do you do when things do not go as planned? ⛔ Honestly, a few years ago I was that person that would enter panic 😱 mode if things went south.  I believe my Germanic/Slavic vain had something to do with that. 😁 But with time things changed. ⌛ I've learned over [...]

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F2 Weekly #75 | All eyes on Portuguese startups ♨

F2 Weekly #75 | All eyes on Portuguese startups ♨ This time I won’t be sharing my thoughts and ideas with you. 😁 Today I wish to leave you with this article 👉 HERE. 👈 A few heads up before reading (or if you’re considering to do so): 😉 It’s an article about the Portuguese 🇵🇹 start-up panorama. It gathers [...]

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F2 Weekly #74 | Make yourself a priority ⚠️

F2 Weekly #74 | Make yourself a priority ⚠ When you are creating something completely 🆕 or pursuing an unusual idea as an entrepreneur, you receive countless different reactions from people around you. 💬 Some motivate you to continue your project, 🔝 others will not share your beliefs. 👎 The latter tend to be more common when you go for [...]

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F2 Weekly #73 | Our second home 🏡

F2 Weekly #73 | Our second home 🏡 We’re in search of a second home. 🏡 😁 So far, this search has been rather challenging. 😅 Maybe we’re too picky, maybe there’s not a lot of options. You tell us! 😉 Here are 7 things we’re looking for in a new Founders Home: Good vibes! 😜 You know the feeling of entering an incredibly [...]

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F2 Weekly #72 | Sky’s the limit 🌌

F2 Weekly #72 | Sky's the limit 🌌 Calm down. 😌 It’ not another GDPR email. 😁 I just want to tell you a story. 😀 See, I recently had an interesting conversation about limitations. 🗣 About how we believe we can't possibly do something, that it doesn’t matter or that we can't change the way things are. This [...]

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F2 Weekly #71 | What’s your legacy? ⌛

F2 Weekly #71 | What's your legacy? ⌛ This week we hosted an event of GovTech, a governmental initiative 🇵🇹 that aims to support innovative products/services that address the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 🎯 of United Nations (these HERE). 🌐 Being a sustainable business means that it has minimal negative impact on the 🗺global or local environment, [...]

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F2 Weekly #70 | The chosen one 🙏

F2 Weekly #70 | The chosen one 🙏 Remember elementary school exams? 🤔 The initial eagerness you had inside you to prove your teacher that you know something? 💪 The doubts you felt about your answers after your tests? 🤨 How about hearing your classmates discussing their answers afterwards and you entering a panic mode because you didn’t [...]

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F2 Weekly #69 | Start & Scale 📈

F2 Weekly #69 | Start & Scale 📈 Next week is going to be special. 😁 The 3rd edition of Start & Scale Week is back with another shipment of innovation, entrepreneurship & technology knowledge from inter/national experts! 👍 It’s time to show that Porto is not only a city of nice weather ☀ & great food, but also [...]

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F2 Weekly #68 | Don’t lose your temper 😉

F2 Weekly #68 | Don't lose your temper 😉 Ever been angry? 😡 I sure have. 😁 For that reason, I wish to share a story that was told to me when I was little that may show us a different perspective and rethink our anger. 😉 “Once upon a time there was a boy 👦 who had a [...]

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