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F2 Weekly #83 | Head in the clouds ☁

F2 Weekly #83 | Head in the clouds ☁ Imagination 🔮 is extremely valuable, but often not appreciated enough. Einstein even said that, imagination is more important than knowledge. ☝️ I share a similar opinion. 😃 Knowledge can have an inhibitory effect sometimes. 🛑 Usually we limit ourselves to the understandable. 📚 To the already [...]

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F2 Weekly #58 | Knowledge is power 💪

F2 Weekly #58 | Knowledge is power 💪 This week we’ve been speaking a lot about our traditional educational system 📚 🏫 & other alternative forms 🆕, such as the program of our newest resident TNDS. I believe that learning is a continuous & never-ending process, and that the traditional educational system can only get us so [...]

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