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F2 Weekly #78 | Try, fail, learn & repeat! 💪

F2 Weekly #78 | Try, fail, learn & repeat! 💪 It’s time ⌛that we demystify the taboo of start-up failure! 👻 We, at Founders Founders, believe that our entrepreneurial ecosystem still lacks insights 🔇 on failures, a reality far more common than success stories. Therefore, we decided to bring something special to our community full of [...]

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F2 Weekly #71 | What’s your legacy? ⌛

F2 Weekly #71 | What's your legacy? ⌛ This week we hosted an event of GovTech, a governmental initiative 🇵🇹 that aims to support innovative products/services that address the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 🎯 of United Nations (these HERE). 🌐 Being a sustainable business means that it has minimal negative impact on the 🗺global or local environment, [...]

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F2 Weekly #70 | The chosen one 🙏

F2 Weekly #70 | The chosen one 🙏 Remember elementary school exams? 🤔 The initial eagerness you had inside you to prove your teacher that you know something? 💪 The doubts you felt about your answers after your tests? 🤨 How about hearing your classmates discussing their answers afterwards and you entering a panic mode because you didn’t [...]

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