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F2 Weekly #76 | Don’t panic ?

F2 Weekly #76 | Don't panic ? What do you do when things do not go as planned? ⛔ Honestly, a few years ago I was that person that would enter panic ? mode if things went south.  I believe my Germanic/Slavic vain had something to do with that. ? But with time things changed. ⌛ I've learned over [...]

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F2 Weekly #73 | Our second home ?

F2 Weekly #73 | Our second home ? We’re in search of a second home. ? ? So far, this search has been rather challenging. ? Maybe we’re too picky, maybe there’s not a lot of options. You tell us! ? Here are 7 things we’re looking for in a new Founders Home: Good vibes! ? You know the feeling of entering an incredibly [...]

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