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F2 Weekly #51 | Off to the holidays ?? ?

F2 Weekly #51 | Off to the holidays ?? ? This week has been rather interesting for me. ?  With Christmas just a week away I noticed how the community’s mood slowly changed. ? When crossing with the fellow members on the hallways, it was inevitable to see how everybody is in a jollier [...]

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F2 Weekly #49 | Jingle, jingle! ⛄??

F2 Weekly #49 | Jingle, jingle! ⛄?? Yes, probably you’ve had it with the Christmas decorations ? already, but we just couldn’t resist the temptation of sharing our Christmas spirit with you. ? We had a lot of fun decorating ✨ ? & we want to show everybody what we managed to create together as a community. ✌ It is [...]

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