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F2 Weekly #63 | On fire ?

F2 Weekly #63 | On fire ? This whole week we've been pretty occupied with the BOOM - Massive Growth Week. ? So far this 5-day marketing & sales journey ?has been marvellous. ?We had the opportunity to hear some astonishing talks & unique experiences. ? I'm glad ? the whole community got together & made it happen (props to [...]

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F2 Weekly #59 | ? BOOM ?

F2 Weekly #59 | ? BOOM ? Wonderful news! ? For the past few weeks we have been working on something remarkable. ?We have gathered the whole start-up community of Porto ?–  ANJE, PDF, UPTEC  & ScaleUp Porto – and together with them we prepared a unique event: ?BOOM - Massive Growth Week ? So what is it all about? BOOM is [...]

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F2 Weekly #53 | We got bigger ?

F2 Weekly #53 | We got bigger ? Thrilling news. ? We have a new member aboard the community. And this time a very special one.❗ A school. ? Yes, a freaking school. The school. The New Digital School! ? Who are they? Well, they call themselves “hackers of the design education” and let me tell you this description [...]

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F2 Weekly #52 | ? New Year’s Resolution

F2 Weekly #52 | ? New Year's Resolution In case you’re expecting a newsletter full of new year resolutions, forget it. ?  We do not exactly believe in that. However, we do believe in working hard & smart. ?  In commitment and diligence. In constant progress. ? You see, our mission is to grow & exceed ourselves [...]

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