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F2 Weekly #101 | Let’s compromise 😬

F2 Weekly #101 | Let's compromise  As I mentioned before, I recently moved abroad. 🌐The n. 1 on my to-do checklist was finding a new home. 🏠 ✅ This is never an easy task, but in my case it was particularly challenging 😰due to the city's volatile housing market. 📈 I mean, I wished to have it [...]

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F2 Weekly #100 | Do you have an A-team? 😬

F2 Weekly #100 | Do you have an A-team?  An unbalanced team is not a team. ⚖️ When you hire a group of people, 👥 don't assume you hired a team. 🔗 You have to account for many things like each member's personality 🙃and how it fits in the team. 🔐You have to account for different levels of [...]

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F2 Weekly #99 | Cleaning out my closet ✨

F2 Weekly #99 | Cleaning out my closet   Cleaning out my closet. 🧹 Literally. 😁 I've been moving and not just across the city, but abroad. 🗺️ My number one tip for the challenge: PURGE. 🚮 It's absolutely necessary. The amount of things we accumulate that we don't need is ridiculous. 😅 Big changes, such as moving, force us to [...]

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F2 Weekly #98 | How do you react? 🚨

F2 Weekly #98 | How do you react?  When you’re faced with a problem or challenge 😟 you can react in various ways. You can: Ignore it 🤷 and do nothing about it. Now, that’s bad. 👎 Try to do something about it and quit if the first try doesn’t work out.  Now, that’s better, but not ideal. 👍 [...]

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F2 Weekly #97 | Make it profitable 💰

F2 Weekly #97 | Make it profitable  Over the last few weeks we’ve held 4 editions of 🔥 Incinerator - Nothing is lost. Everything is transformed.  One of the mentioned learnings from the events kind of stuck with me. 🔒 "Start-ups are companies. And companies are built to make money. 💰" Such an obvious claim,❗yet often overlooked in [...]

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F2 Weekly #96 | Keep calm & move past failure ⏩

F2 Weekly #96 | Keep calm & move past failure  Why is talking about our failures so difficult? 🤔 Is it us? It is peer pressure? Media? I think it’s because we tend to define ourselves and others by the final outcomes. 🏷️ By the pictures we take. 🤳 By the awards we have. By the image we [...]

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F2 Weekly #95 | Know your value 💎

F2 Weekly #95 | Know your value  Value 💎 The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. We all have different perceptions 👓 of the value that the things around us have. What's valuable to us also isn't straightforward or static.🔃 It changes with time and with the context [...]

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F2 Weekly #94 | Kudos to you 👊

F2 Weekly #94 | Kudos to you  Sometimes you get the recognition 🎖️ and appreciation 🙏 for the work that you do and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you deserve it ✅ other times you don't. ❌ Though the recognition is highly rewarding and makes us feel good, it's not something we should depend on. 🥺 If we do work that matters,💗 [...]

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F2 Weekly #93 | Hack bureaucracy 🚀

F2 Weekly #93 |Hack bureaucracy  Lately I’ve been dealing with Portuguese governmental bureaucracy. 📜 Surely you’ve faced similar challenges in the past, so you know the feeling. 😅 First lesson learnt. You cannot fight it. It’s stronger than anything. 💪 Nobody knows exactly how it functions (especially not folks at junta de freguesia 😁). But it does and the [...]

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F2 Weekly #92 | Perfect timing ⏰

F2 Weekly #90 | Perfect timing  Timing is critical. 🕒 Whether regarding something basic such as catching a metro/train/plane. 🛫 Or something more complex as making a contract 📝 or launching a company, product or service. 🆕 If you're too early ⏳ or too late, ⌛ it's bad. I believe there are two ways of dealing with the question of timing. We [...]

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