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F2 Weekly #86 | “Are you a catalyst?” 🌀

F2 Weekly #86 | "Are you a catalyst?" 🌀 In chemistry, a catalyst is an agent that is added to a process in order to speed up a reaction.💨  In a broader sense, a catalyst is a thing or a person that causes or facilitates change. 🔄 If we adapt this concept to the entrepreneurial [...]

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F2 Weekly #85 | You set the rules ☝

F2 Weekly #85 | You set the rules ☝ Your game will be played by the rules you set. 🕹️ Usually, your employees will treat you the same way you treat them. 🔄 No matter the generation, we’re all searching for a meaningful work experience. 💗 An experience that brings us value. ✨ We wish to be heard, feel involved, [...]

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