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F2 Weekly #58 | Knowledge is power 💪

F2 Weekly #58 | Knowledge is power 💪 This week we’ve been speaking a lot about our traditional educational system 📚 🏫 & other alternative forms 🆕, such as the program of our newest resident TNDS. I believe that learning is a continuous & never-ending process, and that the traditional educational system can only get us so [...]

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F2 Weekly #24 | Educate yourself 💪

F2 Weekly #24 | Educate yourself 💪 University of Porto was ranked #301 at the QS World University Ranking 🏅 (and I’m also starting to feel the agony of finishing the writing of my master thesis), so it seemed appropriate to dedicate this newsletter to education.  😉 First things first, I wish we wouldn’t limit our [...]

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