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F2 Weekly #79 | How do you reach common ground❓

F2 Weekly #79 | How do you reach common ground❓ Every now and then operational and behavioural challenges ❓ arise in our packed Founders House which is considered like a second home to over 160 people. ? How would one usually solve them? ? By implementing rules right? ? Rules like we have at home, in school or in society [...]

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F2 Weekly #47 | Team Up ?

F2 Weekly #47 | Team Up ? Founders Founders’ resident companies do not stop to amaze. ?  This time, ShiftForward was the one who shined! ? So, what did they do, you might ask❓ They produced their own beer. ?  Their own Belgian Golden Ale to be exact. ?(Yes, their weekly Friday beer afternoons transformed the team from clueless amateurs to beer-brewing [...]

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F2 Weekly #46 | Mind your culture ?

F2 Weekly #46 | Mind your culture ? A few weeks ago Bitmaker launched a special book – ?  a book about their culture called “The World, My Work & Me” ?  (more info). My purpose here isn’t to promote the book (although in a way I am ?), instead, I wish to draw attention to the company's [...]

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