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F2 Weekly #80 | Make someone’s day 😜

F2 Weekly #80 | Make someone's day 😜 When was the last time you’ve brighten someone’s day? 🤔 This week a community member certainly made mine. 😊 The simple gesture of giving me some adorable stickers 🏷️ has lifted my spirits completely. 📈Afterwards I amusingly started sticking them on my belongings. What a thrill. 😄 So, what’s my point here? [...]

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F2 Weekly #79 | How do you reach common ground❓

F2 Weekly #79 | How do you reach common ground❓ Every now and then operational and behavioural challenges ❓ arise in our packed Founders House which is considered like a second home to over 160 people. 🏠 How would one usually solve them? 🤔 By implementing rules right? 📝 Rules like we have at home, in school or in society [...]

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Adapttech: Why we chose Founders Founders

Adapttech: Why we chose Founders Founders No company starts with everything they need. In our case, necessity is all we knew for a long time. I can’t even begin to express how difficult the first months were, nor how hard it was for us to find a right match between what we needed [...]

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F2 Weekly #53 | We got bigger 👶

F2 Weekly #53 | We got bigger 👶 Thrilling news. 😜 We have a new member aboard the community. And this time a very special one.❗ A school. 🏫 Yes, a freaking school. The school. The New Digital School! 😀 Who are they? Well, they call themselves “hackers of the design education” and let me tell you this description [...]

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F2 Weekly #51 | Off to the holidays 🎄🎅 🎁

F2 Weekly #51 | Off to the holidays 🎄🎅 🎁 This week has been rather interesting for me. 😃  With Christmas just a week away I noticed how the community’s mood slowly changed. 🔄 When crossing with the fellow members on the hallways, it was inevitable to see how everybody is in a jollier [...]

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F2 Weekly #49 | Jingle, jingle! ⛄🎄🎅

F2 Weekly #49 | Jingle, jingle! ⛄🎄🎅 Yes, probably you’ve had it with the Christmas decorations 🎄 already, but we just couldn’t resist the temptation of sharing our Christmas spirit with you. 😁 We had a lot of fun decorating ✨ 🎁 & we want to show everybody what we managed to create together as a community. ✌ It is [...]

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F2 Weekly #40 | “Olha a bolinha!” 😜

F2 Weekly #40 | "Olha a bolinha!" 😜 This week served us with marvellous sunny weather ☀ & high temperatures 🌡 which gave us a certain nostalgic feeling about the already gone summertime. 🏖 That's also why we decided to organize a short, but intense throwback to summer event for our residents. 😎 [...]

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F2 Weekly #27 | Full House 😲

F2 Weekly #27 | Full House 😲 Today, I’m going to share with you the latest milestone of Founders Founders Community.📍 All set for the news? Our Founders House is completely full. 🎉  100% rented. Packed. There is literally not even a square meter available for another office space. Pretty awesome right? 😬 [...]

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