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F2 Weekly #55 | Power 💪 of naming

F2 Weekly #55 | Power 💪 of naming Recently I read Adapttech’s blog about their product’s naming process which got me thinking. What’s the best way to tackle naming of a product/company/brand/event/etc.❓ Is there a magic formula? 🔮  Is there an easy way to do it? I have found many tips that can help us find the [...]

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F2 Weekly #54 | Work 🆚 Life

F2 Weekly #54 | Work 🆚 Life Work - life balance. ⚖ It’s a very popular topic that is trending with many different interpretations & many applications. 🔢 I’ll share one illustration of work-life balance that was once told to me. 😉 Imagine work-life balance as juggling. 🤹 Each ball that you juggle represents an important part [...]

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F2 Weekly #38 | Unwind (with Wine 🍷)

F2 Weekly #38 | Unwind (with Wine 🍷) This week it has been all about sports for me, so Founders Founders’ ping pong table 🏓 seemed more attractive to me than ever (probably a consequence of Slovenia becoming the European Basketball Champion 🏀 🥇 – I know, it’s not football, but c´mon is [...]

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