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F2 Weekly #80 | Make someone’s day ?

F2 Weekly #80 | Make someone's day ? When was the last time you’ve brighten someone’s day? ? This week a community member certainly made mine. ? The simple gesture of giving me some adorable stickers ?️ has lifted my spirits completely. ?Afterwards I amusingly started sticking them on my belongings. What a thrill. ? So, what’s my point here? [...]

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F2 Weekly #66 | Attitude matters ☝️

F2 Weekly #66 | Attitude matters ☝ Attitude matters. ☝ Attitude for me means choosing how you act upon everything, always. It’s not only how you face tough decisions and overcome obstacles. It’s also about simple things, like saying hello each morning, opening a door, helping someone in need etc. ? If you believe you could improve your [...]

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