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Job role

Community & Operations Manager

Location: Founders Porto Oriental

Rua de Godim 389
4300-240 Porto

Job description

About Us

At Founders Founders, we provide a unique community to national and international Founders to help their businesses grow. With offices in Porto and Lisbon, we connect Founders, and their teams, with other Founders and teams so they can share experiences, knowledge, and networking, increasing the chances of success. 

Join us on our journey as we grow hand-to-hand with our community.

Life at Founders Founders

Being at Founders Founders is much more than just a job. We believe that Founders Founders is home to all our residents, and where each Founder appreciates the fact they are surrounded by other Founders that share similar challenges, pain, and joy, and that they can just knock on the door next to theirs and have a friendly, experienced, but most importantly, that understand their daily struggle.

About the Opportunity

Our Community & Operation Manager is an essential part of our business with the mission to enable our residents to thrive. 

As a Community & Operation Manager, you are integral to elevating our residents’ experience at Founders Founders. You will report directly to the Founders Founders’ Board and will be responsible for ensuring we meet our residents’ needs while maintaining Founders Founders’ standards. In addition, you’ll ensure we deliver on our targets for an un-compromised residence experience through curated events based on residents’ interests, introducing residents to each other for business opportunities and networking while creating a welcoming environment for our residents and their guests.

In this role, you’ll:

Buildings Operations and Management:

  • Conduct timely fashion walkthroughs to address any issues, escalating any recurring issues to the Board.
  • Know and explain Founders Founders policies and procedures and communicate, inform, and update members on building issues via email, in person, or broadcast (e.g., Slack).
  • Manage the energy in the building, ensuring music levels and activities are appropriate to the daypart and occasion.
  • Liaise with in-building and third-party cleaning companies to ensure space is kept up to standards.
  • Track, audit, and organize keys collected and distributed. Manage keycard stock and request new inventory as needed.
  • Most importantly, make sure the Founders Founders building exceeds the residents’ level of expectation.


  • Plan and execute Founders Founders’ “Value-Driving” and “social” events in the buildings.
  • Distribute all necessary info to promote the event, including the creation and posting of weekly events posters and individual event posters.
  • Ensure building-specific operational requirements are met for each event (bar/restaurant, garage, entrance, decoration, elevators, HVAC, etc.).
  • Select, based on the Founders Founders’ cultural rules, and help execute events proposed by the residents or even outsiders.

 Residents Engagement & Retention: 

  • Complete scheduled, quarterly conversations with each resident Founder to help them maximize the value of their Founders Founders membership while checking in on all members regularly to understand their ongoing experience.
  • Anticipate residents’ and guests’ needs before they arise using relevant information collected about residents to enhance and personalize their experience.  
  • Follow up in person with all residents who’ve submitted a lousy rating for conference rooms, poorly rated a ticket, or offered a negative response.
  • Support front desk coverage schedule as needed, ensuring consistent coverage during business hours. 

Move-In & Move-Out:

  • Conduct pre-move-in meetings with all new residents to ensure a successful move-in.
  • Curate new residents’ onboarding materials, such as welcome member notes, FAQ guides, etc., to provide on move-in day. 
  • Conduct move-out interviews to understand the departing residents’ overall experience.


  • Conduct building tours set up by yourself or the Founding team for new prospects as needed.
  • Be actively looking for new Founders to invite to our buildings.

Safety and Security:

  • Review and understand the role in the building management & Founders Founders provided Emergency Action Plans. 
  • Create incident reports as necessary, Respond appropriately and escalate any medical emergency (injury or illness), and respond to instructions from Leadership regarding emergencies or security alerts.
Founders Oriental Water Observatory

About You

We’d love to hear from you if you believe this opportunity is something you genuinely love and know how much experience and network you will bring to you. How lucky you will be to mingle every day with potentially some of the best entrepreneurs you will find.

Not mandatory, but it would help if you meet some of the qualifications below:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience.
  • 2+ years of experience in hospitality/event organization/startup. Alternatively, having a desire to work within the start-up community and previous experience in Customer facing roles in retail, travel or similar industries.
  • Proficient in English.
  • Excellent interpersonal and networking skills.
  • Strong organization skills with the ability to multitask projects from start to finish.
  • You are attentive to detail and manage tasks efficiently and effectively.
  • You enjoy and thrive at continually growing relationships.

You will be essential to Founders Founders’ success. You will be our “right-hand,” and you will be trusted, empowered, and responsible for making our home the Founders’ home.

How to apply

Email your cover letter, CV and LinkedIn profile to: [email protected]

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