F2 Weekly #99 | Cleaning out my closet ✨

//F2 Weekly #99 | Cleaning out my closet ✨

F2 Weekly #99 | Cleaning out my closet ✨

F2 Weekly #99 | Cleaning out my closet  ✨

Cleaning out my closet. ? Literally. ?

I’ve been moving and not just across the city, but abroad. ?️
My number one tip for the challenge: PURGE. ? It’s absolutely necessary.

The amount of things we accumulate that we don’t need is ridiculous. ? Big changes, such as moving, force us to get rid off the unnecessary stuff, ?️ but ideally one should do that on a regular basis.

My rule – I stick to the things that A, have utility ? or B, have a special sentimental value to me. ? The rest is donated or disposed. ?

Clutter and needless stuff only distract us and increase our feeling of chaos. ? If you wish to improve your focus and save time, ⏳then declutter. Be pragmatic and start with little things if you have attachment difficulties.

Same applies not only to other physical environments, but on our feelings and relationships as well. ?

So, begin the year by decluttering. ? Get organised & take control. ?
Start fresh!  ✨

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