F2 Weekly #96 | Keep calm & move past failure ⏩

//F2 Weekly #96 | Keep calm & move past failure ⏩

F2 Weekly #96 | Keep calm & move past failure ⏩

F2 Weekly #96 | Keep calm & move past failure ⏩

Why is talking about our failures so difficult? ? Is it us? It is peer pressure? Media?

I think it’s because we tend to define ourselves and others by the final outcomes. ?️ By the pictures we take. ? By the awards we have. By the image we pass. ?By the number of clients, the amount of money, etc. ?

We apply this same principle to failure. But we shouldn’t.
Accepting failure is good. Failure is part of the learning process.

Recovering from it, it’s never easy – but denial ? and ignorance ? certainly won’t get us anywhere. Instead, we should embrace our failures. ? Talk about it no matter the nature, severness or cause. ?️ We need to be honest. With others, and especially ourselves.

You know how sometimes you get stuff out of your chest just by speaking with someone ?️ about your problems and afterwards you go – “Man, I feel better now”. ?

That applies here as well. By speaking ? about failure, we articulate our thoughts and emotions about it. ?️ This helps us externalise and rationalise failure.

We become self-aware and more in control. ? We build up our critical thinking and willpower. ?

And besides that, we also learn something even greater alongside this process – resilience.  ?

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