F2 Weekly #92 | Perfect timing ⏰

//F2 Weekly #92 | Perfect timing ⏰

F2 Weekly #92 | Perfect timing ⏰

F2 Weekly #90 | Perfect timing ⏰

Timing is critical. ?

Whether regarding something basic such as catching a metro/train/plane. ? Or something more complex as making a contract ? or launching a company, product or service. ?

If you’re too early ⏳ or too late, ⌛ it’s bad.

I believe there are two ways of dealing with the question of timing. We can either disregard the timing completely and put our luck to test. ?? Or we can be smart about it and try to identify what is a good timing. ? And with this defining our “luck”. ?

We can predict and analyse the current conditions. ? Be them political, economical, social, technological, legal and environmental ones.

We need to understand ? what are the current market needs regarding our product / company / service and where they’ll be 1/3/5 years from now. ?

We should be systematic in regards to timing. ? And then when we identify our window of opportunity, we take advantage of it. ?

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