F2 Weekly #91 | What’s your story? ?

//F2 Weekly #91 | What’s your story? ?

F2 Weekly #91 | What’s your story? ?

F2 Weekly #91 |What’s your story? ?

Last Friday we hosted a book launch ? (Livro dos Fazedores). This book is a summary of what has been done in the Portuguese entrepreneurial context so far. ?

Ever since the launch I’ve been contemplating  about how we actually do not keep track of our own stories. ? We end up forgetting many of our company’s stories or even personal ones.

See, we do remarkable things during our life. ? We achieve successes. ? We face failures. ? We cope with what life throws at us.

Too often these milestones ? pass by unnoticed, suppressed or end up forgotten in time. But these impactful happenings deserve attention ❗because they are our key leanings.

If we track them, this will help us:

  1. Get our priorities straight. ⚖️ We’ll see the value of the things that really matter and of those that don’t. ?
  2. Give us perspective. ? Sometimes things aren’t as horrible or as wonderful as we might initially think. And sometimes we need to be reminded about how far we have already gone. ?
  3. Provoke the feeling of gratitude. ? We’ll be thankful for what we have and appreciate those who came with us along the way. ?

So, write it down. ✍️ List it. Log it. Videotape it. ?
Doesn’t matter how you do it, the point is that you do.  ?

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