F2 Weekly #90 | What’s your EQ? ?

//F2 Weekly #90 | What’s your EQ? ?

F2 Weekly #90 | What’s your EQ? ?

F2 Weekly #90 | What’s your EQ? ?

“There’s no room ? for emotions at a workplace.”

Couldn’t disagree more with this statement. ☝️ The presence of emotions at a workplace is inevitable (well, unless you’re a robot ?).

Even more, during the course of our professional relationships we experience a wide range of emotions. ? These even intensify, if we love what we do. ?

Instead of suppressing and avoiding feelings, which will BTW only lead to harming ourselves and others ?, we should focus on managing them in a proper way. ?

We should be what some call “emotionally intelligent”,?️which just means we are capable of understating and handling our emotions properly. ?️

So for example, when facing a frustrating work situation such as performance criticism where we’ll likely experience unpleasant emotions, we shouldn’t take them out on others ?️ or take them personally. ?

We should observe and analyse these emotions, ? and not consider the situation as a personal attack on us, but rather as an opportunity to use these emotions to motivate ourselves to deliver a better work. ? However, if something does upset us legitimately, we should have a private conversation ?️with the other person or the team about it. ?*

You can have some of these emotional skills more naturally and others not. But they are all skills, meaning that if we wish to master it ? – we ought to learn & practice them. ?

* I’m not considering real personal attacks. In these cases we should take appropriate action to defend ourselves. ❗

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