F2 Weekly #9 | Coffee Break ☕

//F2 Weekly #9 | Coffee Break ☕

F2 Weekly #9 | Coffee Break ☕

F2 Weekly #9 | Coffee Break ☕

Today we’re doing something different – please do as I say (bear with me) ?:

Slowly & deeply breath in … & breath out … ?(you aren’t doing it! C’mon, do it for real ?) Long inhale …& longer exhale … Repeat it … continue with the same breathing pace while gently straightening your spine and feeling how the tension from your shoulders is releasing.

There you go. We’re all done. ? Probably you are wondering why we did this – well because this a 24/7/365 hustle & running around can be overwhelming sometimes ?! It is important to take a pause ⏸ & just distance yourself from the daily chaos.

Put some music on, dance, read, do yoga, run, sleep, yell, cook, meditate… Whatever the activity, as long as it makes you unwind & recharge. ?

These short moments of disconnection will have marvellous consequences – you will get focused easier, your mood will improve, you will control your stress levels. In short, they will improve your overall mental & physical health. ✌


FYI If you happen to recharge with a coffee and a chat – drop by at next week’s Porto Startup Coffee Meetup #68 at Founders Café!! ? ☕

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