F2 Weekly #89 | Can you help? ?

//F2 Weekly #89 | Can you help? ?

F2 Weekly #89 | Can you help? ?

F2 Weekly #89 | Can you help? ?

When in trouble or doubt ? what do you do? You seek for help right?  ?

Well, nowadays, you most likely try to google the problem first (if you have the time). ? Only afterwards you turn to human help. ?

Along the entrepreneurial path though many issues arise ? – from scaling, funding or team related. They’re inevitable and the potential for error is huge.

Although you are an entrepreneur and you are used to solving problems, ✅ you don’t have all the answers. You can’t know everything. ?

So when in trouble, always be willing to ask for help. ?

The support that you get from your network can make all the difference. Even if it’s just the feeling of not being alone. ?

Sometime a conversation ? has a bigger impact on your business/personal future than months of your own work.  That’s the value that a single human interaction can bring. ?

I like to imagine that all the people around me are like a treasure chests of knowledge ?(i.e. advices, tips, experiences, recommendations) in different areas. ✨

In order to get to the treasure, you first need to unlock the chest. ? A simple – “Hey, Can you help me with that” – is many times the right key. ?️

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