F2 Weekly #88 | Win-win situation ?

//F2 Weekly #88 | Win-win situation ?

F2 Weekly #88 | Win-win situation ?

F2 Weekly #88 | Win-win situation ?

This week we spoke about negotiation ? at our Let’s Grow Again, so I decided to do a brief & general recap of what we’ve learnt. ?

We can negotiate best, ? when we know:

… the real value of the product/service we’re negotiating about. ? But not only that. We also ought to know the value that the product/service will bring to the one we’re negotiating with in particular. ✨ This value is different to each individual.

… what are the negotiator’s alternatives. Meaning that we are acquainted with the market and competitors’ offer. Here, we should know clearly what do we do better & differently from them and use that to our advantage.

… who are we negotiating with. ❓ We should prepare and put ourselves into the negotiators’ shoes. ? We should identify their needs and interest. Only when having considered their perspective and mind-set we can design an irrefusable offer.

…. what we want and we should not be afraid to ask for it. ☝️ In an assertive way of course. Before negotiating we should specify our desired outcomes ? – the best scenario and the lowest acceptable one. ✅ This way we always seek for the best possible outcome and don’t lose time with offers that just aren’t worth our time. ?

… where can we leave a margin and not. 〽️ We need to know what are our priorities. Is it the price, timing, quantity, etc.? ⚠️

… how to listen carefully to our buyer. ? We should ask questions and try to clarify the doubts. The more information we have, the more leverage we have for negotiating.?

…. what are the available strategies ? and which ones we can apply in this particular negotiation scenario. ?

The end result of negotiation should be a win-win situation. ? It should be a compromise, not you trying to convince the other you’re right. ? Bare that in mind.

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