F2 Weekly #87 | You won’t make it? ?

//F2 Weekly #87 | You won’t make it? ?

F2 Weekly #87 | You won’t make it? ?

F2 Weekly #87 | You won’t make it? ?

Ever had to cancel an already accepted invitation to an event? ❌ Quite an unpleasant thing to do, or, to hear if you were the inviter. ?

We should be cautious and considerate about how we do the cancelling.  ⚠️

Why? Well, we were the ones that agreed and vowed ? to spend time with that particular person at that place and time, when we accepted the invitation. ✅ We made a commitment. That’s different than saying no or than not saying anything at all.

So how to communicate we won’t make it? ?

First, we better have an actual good reason for the cancellation. If we’re just cancelling because we don’t feel like going, that’s just rude and pretentious. ? We should reconsider our decision and consequences, ? but most definitely get our priorities straight next time.

However, if we sincerely cannot attend because something came up ?(e.g. other responsibilities, longer previous meetings), we should communicate the reason(s) why as soon as we know that we won’t make it. ?️ People are comprehensive if we inform in advance or if something unexpected and uncontrollable happens (e.g. car crash).

There are also different ways to communicate our reasons. ? We can either apologise, explain ourselves or even suggest an alternative. Or not. I’d personally go for polite, up front, direct and genuine. ? Nobody likes fishy excuses. Whether it’s through email, call or text.

That’s it. Basic and obvious, but effective. ? Don’t be that person that cancels 10 minutes before the even, or worse, not even bothers to cancel.

Be respectful and thoughtful with others. ? That’s what professionalism is all about.

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