F2 Weekly #86 | “Are you a catalyst?” ?

//F2 Weekly #86 | “Are you a catalyst?” ?

F2 Weekly #86 | “Are you a catalyst?” ?

F2 Weekly #86 | “Are you a catalyst?” ?

In chemistry, a catalyst is an agent that is added to a process in order to speed up a reaction.?  In a broader sense, a catalyst is a thing or a person that causes or facilitates change. ?

If we adapt this concept to the entrepreneurial environment, we can say that a start-up catalyst is someone that takes y/our product/service to the next level. ?

Someone who is engaged, motivated and confident enough to dare to get things done ? and get them done exceptionally. ? It’s that someone who takes initiative and doesn’t just wait for tasks.

With a catalyst it’s easier to reach the desired goals. ✅ Get more done with less. ? Have a source of positive mind-set. ?

All the (great) founders are catalysts a priori. ? And ideally all the company’s employees are, in a certain way, as well. ??

What about you – are you a catalyst too? ?

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