F2 Weekly #85 | You set the rules ☝

//F2 Weekly #85 | You set the rules ☝

F2 Weekly #85 | You set the rules ☝

F2 Weekly #85 | You set the rules ☝

Your game will be played by the rules you set. ?️

Usually, your employees will treat you the same way you treat them. ?

No matter the generation, we’re all searching for a meaningful work experience. ? An experience that brings us value. ✨ We wish to be heard, feel involved, grow professionally ? and have a sense of purpose, all that while also feeling healthy and happy. ?

So, do you listen to your employees? ? Do you give them enough freedom over their modus operandi and engage them into making important decisions? ?

What about motivating and inspiring them? ? And do you ever worry about how they’ll grow their expertise and invest in their training? ? Are you making sure they have a decent work-life balance? ⚖️

If you don’t give, don’t expect to receive. ? If you offer no loyalty, then expect no loyalty. Same goes for every other aspect.

All the free meals and ping pong tables in the world don’t matter, if your employees don’t feel like they have a reason to stay. ?

You set the rules. ? Are you winning the game? ? 

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