F2 Weekly #84 | Thanks for listening ?

//F2 Weekly #84 | Thanks for listening ?

F2 Weekly #84 | Thanks for listening ?

F2 Weekly #84 | Thanks for listening ?

Did you ever speak with someone ?️ and they nodded their head but you knew that they were not really listening to you? ?

As if they were there physically, but not mentally.  ?

That’s because listening is a conscious decision. A decision that requires one to focus and pay attention to what the speaker is saying. ⚠️ When we’re actively listening we analyse what was said and try to understand it. ✅

But generally we don’t listen or we don’t give our due attention. ?

When we listen with the intention to understand it means we assume that what the speaker is saying is true. ? And most of the times we want to be right (specially in arguments), ☝️ so we filter out that what we do not agree with. ?

Like this we deliberately choose not to listen to opposite views. ?

For start-ups this behaviour could be fatal. ?  If they don’t listen to their (potential) customers, ? they will never be able to create a solution that sells. Even if their product or service is brilliant and spectacular, it is worthless if it doesn’t meet the needs of the buyer.

Have a clear understanding of your customer demands. ? Listen to what they have to say, ? even if you don’t want to. Especially if you don’t want to. ?

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