F2 Weekly #83 | Head in the clouds ☁

//F2 Weekly #83 | Head in the clouds ☁

F2 Weekly #83 | Head in the clouds ☁

F2 Weekly #83 | Head in the clouds ☁

Imagination ? is extremely valuable, but often not appreciated enough. Einstein even said that, imagination is more important than knowledge. ☝️

I share a similar opinion. ? Knowledge can have an inhibitory effect sometimes. ?

Usually we limit ourselves to the understandable. ? To the already learned, tested and discovered. ? To the experience. ?

With imagination we go beyond that. ? Instead of following the same course of known problem-solutions, we envision other infinite possibilities and new ideas. ✨ We become creative.

Imagination isn’t bound to any experiences, aspirations or area. ? Each one of us has imagination abilities and the potential to use it anywhere. ? And since imagination stimulates innovation, it’s certainly a recommended and useful perk in entrepreneurship. ?

Imagination also shapes how we see and perceive reality. ?️ So, let yourself have your head amongst the clouds every once in a while. ?️ Sometimes we need to escape our everyday life ? to be able to start producing greater and (what seems to be) impossible things.  ?

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