F2 Weekly #82 | Deliver what you promise ?

//F2 Weekly #82 | Deliver what you promise ?

F2 Weekly #82 | Deliver what you promise ?

F2 Weekly #82 | Deliver what you promise ?

In the past month I took my car ? to the repair shop. Together with staff we agreed on the repairments ⚙️ that needed to be done, as well as the delivery date ? and conditions. ?

Well, the date arrived, but my car didn’t. ? Heavily overdue, I finally got my car back, but not in the promised conditions. ?

Some would accept as it was, but I certainly didn’t. ? I expressed dissatisfaction ?️ and  (unbelievably) the shop agreed with me. ? My car went back and they gave me a courtesy car. A few weeks after it was delivered, repaired as it should be with no additional costs. ?

Although this seems like a sponsored marketing post, it’s really not. ? I just wish to highlight the importance of the initial agreement and the attitudes that followed. ?

You see when you make an agreement, whatever the context, you negotiate and define a certain course of actions.☝️ Both sides need to deliver what they promise. ✅ Especially in the business environment. With clients. With investors. With employees.

In case you cannot deliver as agreed, do not give up and try to solve the situation the best way possible. ?  Make your client’s experience as pleasant as possible. Adapt and show that you care. ?

That is what makes the difference in the end. ⚖️

My car is impeccable now and their service as well. I’m returning back for sure. ? Hope that your clients feel the same. ?

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