F2 Weekly #81 | Prepare today, succeed tomorrow ?

//F2 Weekly #81 | Prepare today, succeed tomorrow ?

F2 Weekly #81 | Prepare today, succeed tomorrow ?

F2 Weekly #81 | Prepare today, succeed tomorrow ?

Preparation is so often overlooked. ? Yet it’s the first step towards effective results. ?

Look at any athlete. ?️ Or a musician. ? Or a parent. ?

Although we could prepare ourselves to almost any personal and professional endeavour, we generally don’t do it. ⏸️

And I noticed we’re especially sloppy when it comes to meetings. ?  In a quest for perspective change and a future of productive meetings, ? I believe we all should consider & answer these 5 questions before entering any meeting. 

  • Why am I having this meeting? ?
  • What do I wish to accomplish? ?
  • Who am I meeting with and what is their standpoint? ?
  • What is the agenda and how much time will be dedicated to each topic ⏱️(hello time slots)? ?
  • Is there any documentation that I’ll need? ?

This preparation will take time & energy, but result wise it will pay off. ?  With this we’ll understand better our needs, strengths, weaknesses and the leverages to achieve our goals. ? We pass from reactive attitudes to proactive. ✅

Prepare ahead. ? The way a parent cannot forget a diaper for his baby ? or a musician his notes ? you shouldn’t disregard your meetings. ?

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