F2 Weekly #80 | Make someone’s day ?

//F2 Weekly #80 | Make someone’s day ?

F2 Weekly #80 | Make someone’s day ?

F2 Weekly #80 | Make someone’s day ?

When was the last time you’ve brighten someone’s day? ?

This week a community member certainly made mine. ? The simple gesture of giving me some adorable stickers ?️ has lifted my spirits completely. ?Afterwards I amusingly started sticking them on my belongings. What a thrill. ?

So, what’s my point here? Sometimes we go into robot mode ? and we become so caught up into our daily tasks and focused on their execution ? that we forget about other people around us and the things that really matter. What I mean is that entrepreneurial, densely packed schedules and long working hours ? could get a lot easier ? if we would all try to do make someone’s day by doing something thoughtful and unexpected. ?

It might seem silly, ? but in the end it’s really all about the journey. Making a kind gesture ✨ will trigger your laugh & make you feel less stressed. Likewise for the target of your kind gesture – it’s the snowball effect of positive attitudes. ?

So, make a difference. Make someone’s day TODAY! ?

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