F2 Weekly #8 | Time to Scale & Grow ?

//F2 Weekly #8 | Time to Scale & Grow ?

F2 Weekly #8 | Time to Scale & Grow ?

F2 Weekly #8 | Time to Scale & Grow ?

Next week we’ll be having the 11th edition of Scale Me Up, a monthly event that usually doesn’t get the same sharing & promotion attention as our other events.

But I just cannot resist the temptation to write about it. This event deserves the spotlight! ?

First, some context about it. It’s a private event where one of the F2 resident startups talks about its current business situation and difficulties. Then this startup receives no-bullshit feedback on the matter from the audience, all that with the objective to scale its growth. ?

The event is reserved to the F2 founders only, however, outside people can join if invited by the presenter.

The value of the event lies in its process – The effort of publicly displaying the start-up’s situation is an important reality check for the presenting founder, because it fully exposes its vulnerabilities. ?

Simultaneously, the audience’s constructive criticisms serve as a precious element too (keep calm ?, we’re not pointing out the flaws).

But getting open feedback, from at least 15 other CEOs (of scale-up startups), that already overcame the same problems in the past, in a couple of hours dedicated to examining just YOUR startup, is PRICELESS! ?

All in all, this straightforward feedback brings new perspectives ? & forces the presenting founder to thoroughly re-think ? the strategies & solutions.

A little guidance, great help & massive consequences! That’s our Scale Me Up!?

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