F2 Weekly #79 | How do you reach common ground❓

//F2 Weekly #79 | How do you reach common ground❓

F2 Weekly #79 | How do you reach common ground❓

F2 Weekly #79 | How do you reach common ground❓

Every now and then operational and behavioural challenges ❓ arise in our packed Founders House which is considered like a second home to over 160 people. ?

How would one usually solve them? ? By implementing rules right? ? Rules like we have at home, in school or in society for example. Although these are essential so we can all co-exist without hurting each other and enforce rights, ☮ we decided to do a bit more than just impose rules per-se to solve our community challenges. ?

Why? Well A – because having rules doesn’t automatically mean that people will also respect them. ?  And B – because Founders Founders isn’t a formal institution and although we could probably achieve something with rules, bosses and processes, we won’t. ? That’s the opposite of what we want and who we are. ?

So how do we reach common ground? By shaping a specific community culture that shares a set of values and behaviours. ?

But beware, we create and define this Founders Founders status quo together with the residents. ??  Each resident contributes and forms ? the community spirit and guidelines. This strategy aligns the aspects between us ? and makes the culture more meaningful to the residents.?

Since the culture is all about having the right attitude and relationships, ? our strategy was and still is to tackle it at its core – each individual. ?

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