F2 Weekly #78 | Try, fail, learn & repeat! ?

//F2 Weekly #78 | Try, fail, learn & repeat! ?

F2 Weekly #78 | Try, fail, learn & repeat! ?

F2 Weekly #78 | Try, fail, learn & repeat! ?

It’s time ⌛that we demystify the taboo of start-up failure! ?

We, at Founders Founders, believe that our entrepreneurial ecosystem still lacks insights ? on failures, a reality far more common than success stories. Therefore, we decided to bring something special to our community full of accelerators and incubators – its first start-up Incinerator. ?

Incinerator is the newest project of Founders Founders and promises to remember and record ? the learnings of “failed” start-ups for future entrepreneurs. ✅ It consists of a series of events (and online episodes ?) where founders of projects that didn’t work share their stories & mistakes. ?

With Incinerator we wish to change the current perception ? about start-up failure & show that it’s merely a stage in a start-up’s life filled with valuable lessons to be learned. ? In a start-up, nothing is lost – everything is transformed. ?

Wish to know more & learn from other entrepreneurs? Join us at the first edition, on July 10 at 2PM at Founders Café, with Nelson Pereira, founder of TopDox. ?

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