F2 Weekly #77 | Unplugged ?

//F2 Weekly #77 | Unplugged ?

F2 Weekly #77 | Unplugged ?

F2 Weekly #77 | Unplugged ?

You’re on vacations, ? lying down on a sandy beach ?or exploring a new country ?and instead of relaxing, you’re:

a) Thinking about quickly checking your email ? or slack
b) Wondering if everything is good at work ?
c) Thinking about how you’ll deal with future projects ?
d) Being called to resolve a particular situation ?

Does this ring a bell? ?

For me it’s rather difficult to disconnect from work completely and that’s why I decided to do some research on what’s the internet advice for unplugging. Here are some suggestions:

  • Limit the use of technology and connectivity ?(consider a tech-free vacation)
    • Silence your phone ?
    • Turn off all the notifications ?
    • Create a “DO NOT OPEN” folder on your smartphone and include all the work related apps  ?
  • Make sure your colleagues know you’re on vacation. Before leaving pass your responsibilities on them. ?
  • Do not feel guilty for not working. Everybody deserves a break. ?
  • Connect with nature. ?? Get adventurous.
  • Choose off grid vacation destinations. ?Try to escape modern day chaos.
  • Program your mind-set. ☯Refocus your attention on non-work related topics.

Since we’re more productive after taking a break and since I’m currently on vacations (self-high five ✋), I’ll test these suggestions. ?

Let’s see how effective they are. Feel free to do the same & let me know how it goes! ?

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