F2 Weekly #76 | Don’t panic ?

//F2 Weekly #76 | Don’t panic ?

F2 Weekly #76 | Don’t panic ?

F2 Weekly #76 | Don’t panic ?

What do you do when things do not go as planned? 

Honestly, a few years ago I was that person that would enter panic ? mode if things went south.  I believe my Germanic/Slavic vain had something to do with that. ?

But with time things changed. ⌛ I’ve learned over the years that panicking doesn’t bring anything positive, it can actually provoque harm, so I slowly trained myself into a different mentality and behaviour specifically for these critical situations. ? I believe the unpredictable start-up environment and Portuguese carefree mind-set are responsible for that. ?

So how do I react now?
Firstly, I always try not to get upset. ? I acknowledge the situation, but I’m not hard on myself or others, because it is pointless to be hard. I try to enter a proactive mode instead of a dwelling one. ?  I think about alternatives.? What can be done ?  instead and what was the cause for something to have happened. ? I ask others for help. And then I decide on how to proceed. ✅

It’s all about adapting. Changing what we can, to still get the wanted result or attain objectives. ? The better we get at coping with these changes and un/controlled circumstances the more flexible we are. ? The more ready we are to face anything. ?

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