F2 Weekly #74 | Make yourself a priority ⚠️

//F2 Weekly #74 | Make yourself a priority ⚠️

F2 Weekly #74 | Make yourself a priority ⚠️

F2 Weekly #74 | Make yourself a priority ⚠

When you are creating something completely ? or pursuing an unusual idea as an entrepreneur, you receive countless different reactions from people around you. ? Some motivate you to continue your project, ? others will not share your beliefs. ? The latter tend to be more common when you go for something “outside the box”. ?

Don’t listen to the nay sayers. ⛔ Most people will not be able to see ahead and visualize what your project will be like. ? Change is not always immediately welcomed, ⚖  but then, sometimes it really becomes a new standard in our day to day lives. ?

Remember this: for everything we use today and regard as essencial, there was one day one visionary believing in it ? and everyone around him thinking he was crazy. ? Pursue your mission no matter what and stand for what you believe for. ?

Be bold, rebellious & extraordinary. ? Don’t mind being regarded as crazy as long as you are fighting for what you believe. Reasonable people don’t change the world. ?

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