F2 Weekly #71 | What’s your legacy? ⌛

//F2 Weekly #71 | What’s your legacy? ⌛

F2 Weekly #71 | What’s your legacy? ⌛

F2 Weekly #71 | What’s your legacy? ⌛

This week we hosted an event of GovTech, a governmental initiative ?? that aims to support innovative products/services that address the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) ? of United Nations (these HERE). ?

Being a sustainable business means that it has minimal negative impact on the ?global or local environment, community, society, or economy ?—a business that strives to meet the triple bottom line. Often, sustainable businesses have progressive environmental and human rights policies. ℹ

Did you know that there is a word that links entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainability – Sustainopreneurship? ? Well, Sustainopreneurship is all about using business in creative ways and turning world problems into business opportunities. ?

Having a business idea that aims to be sustainable in this sense, brings a lot of perks. Here are some: ?

  • It contributes towards a stronger brand purpose. ⭐ Positive reputation = competitive advantage.
  • It increases employee satisfaction ? since they are working for something that really matters.
  • It disrupts corporate’s organization or at least makes them re-think it. ⁉
  • It creates a legacy. ? You’ll be leaving behind something impactful for the following generations and making a positive footprint on the planet. ⌛

But above all sustainability is all about contributing towards a better tomorrow.  ?So, think, plan, act and innovate. ? Make a difference!  ?

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