F2 Weekly #7 | Tech PitchOff

//F2 Weekly #7 | Tech PitchOff

F2 Weekly #7 | Tech PitchOff

F2 Weekly #7 | Tech PitchOff

We are always pitching our ideas to other people. ?  Either for business, sales or even personal purposes…

Everyone needs to pitch one way or another, it’s part of our human nature, even when we communicate abstract concepts, to try to engage our peers towards them. But what makes a good pitch? Or a lousy one? ?

I’m not an expert on the matter ?, however I’m constantly being pitched by founders about their projects & since the aim of the pitch is to persuade people to “buy the idea” I decided to prepare a check list that defines what naturally captures my interest:

• Passion ❤
 If it’s there, then the individual lives & breathes it. From the glow in his eyes to his non-verbal behaviour or his tone of voice – it just transpires & consequentially draws my attention.

Listening to a story is far more captivating & enjoyable than just receiving pure data. Don’t get me wrong, the substance needs to be there also, but if you can convert it into a story there is a bigger chance the other side will remember you. ?

Humor ?
Provoking laughter also means creating more memorable experiences, besides obviously keeping my attention towards your message at a higher level in the moment.

Making it personal
I’m more likely to relate & feel a connection ?, if the speaker lets his personality show on his pitch. A totally impersonal pitch blends in the middle of all the others and just doesn’t stand out.

Being concise & specific
Less is more, too much information confuses (me).

The WOW factor ?
W-hat’s the O-bject’s of the pitch W-orth. It is good to be clear on what it solves, for who & in what way and focusing solely on transmitting that message to the subject of your pitch.

Audience Check❗
Applying the language that fits the crowd (using tech jargon when pitching the idea to your family is pointless – unless they are all tech ?).

This is it, the 7 most important points in a pitch for me. The winner ? combination for grabbing my attention.

Since we’re speaking about great pitching – if you wish to witness a killer pitch you should register for our Tech Tech Talk next week! ?

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