F2 Weekly #67 | Acquired ?

//F2 Weekly #67 | Acquired ?

F2 Weekly #67 | Acquired ?

F2 Weekly #67 | Acquired ?

Bomshakalaka, the residents have done it again! ?

ShiftForward is the second company from Founders Founders that was successfully acquired (read all about it HERE). ?

I wanted to share with you something deeper than what you can read in the news about ShiftForward’s achievement, something closer to the real deal (literally)?. Therefore, I asked the man that passed through the processes himself, the (ex) CEO & founder of ShiftForward, Paulo Cunha, for first hand insights. ? ?

“This acquisition was, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve had since we set up ShiftForward ?, but also one of the hardest challenge. ? We reached a situation where we had two different opportunities on the table: going for a second round of investment or connecting with another interesting company in the martech marketplace. ⚖ So when our talks with Velocidi [the company that acquired ShiftForward] started getting more serious, the sky cleared and there was no doubt in our minds that connecting with David and his team would be the best play for ShiftForward’s future. ? We had the same perspective of how we could innovate in the already overwhelming martech environment, the same values and the same yearning for growth, which would be even quicker together. After almost one year of talking, getting to know each other, visits to the offices, a whole lot of planning and back in forth with contracts ? – because nobody tells you how tiresome reviewing contracts is – we were finally able to announce the acquisition. We are ready to embrace this new adventure and it’s one we’re sure it’s going to take us farther than we ever expected. ?”

As you can see it is not an easy and effortless process,☝ but rather a very long-lasting getting-to-know-each-other process where interests of both parts involved needed to be negotiated and aligned so that the deal could actually become reality.

It takes lots of hard work, dedication, determination and patience, ? but in the end it’s worth the effort. ?

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