F2 Weekly #62 | The sky is the limit ⛅

//F2 Weekly #62 | The sky is the limit ⛅

F2 Weekly #62 | The sky is the limit ⛅

F2 Weekly #62 | The sky is the limit ⛅

As all of you know, Stephen Hawking ?past away this week. ⚰

What can we learn from this brilliant mastermind besides his fascinating scientific theories?

  • Courage ?– Stephan courageously faced his illness, even though it was scary, uncertain and deadly. So, do what frightens you. Dare!
  • Curiosity ? – He relentlessly kept looking for answers. Gained new knowledge. Try to wonder about life & the the things arround you. Maybe not at “Stephen Hawking” level, but do your best.
  • Determination ❗- In spite of all the obstacles and holdbacks Hawking never gave up. You shouldn’t too. Decide to do something & stick to it.
  • Humour ?– This was Hawking’s secret to overcoming his illness. Laugh & maintain your sense of humour in order to stay healthy emotionally.

But the most important thing he taught & showed us is his incredible positivity. ? No matter how difficult your life may seem ?, you have countless opportunities to make it better & succeed at it. Stephen faced his limitations ?& converted them into advantages. He literally said that because of his disabilities he actually got more time to think about the universe than a person without it. ?

His positive attitude ➕ lead to positive outcomes. ?

What is your excuse? ?

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