F2 Weekly #6 | Meet ? & Greet ?

//F2 Weekly #6 | Meet ? & Greet ?

F2 Weekly #6 | Meet ? & Greet ?

F2 Weekly #6 | Meet ? & Greet ?

Huraaay! ?  It’s greeting & meeting time at F2’s House! ?

In the last newsletter I mentioned that we’ll have 2 new companies aboard the F2 crew – well, now it’s official – welcome Acsendo & TonicApp! ?

Now, the newbies will be pitching to the community & get to know everybody. And because we want to make the on-boarding of new members into our community the smoothest possible ?, we managed to develop and structure a process that makes it all official:

Since I was afraid of using the traditional way of welcoming guests used in my native country (the “have an aperitif” ? or sip some good old liquor to break the ice – believe me, would work for sure, it turns even the shiest ones into a bunch of rambling extroverts), we had this enlightening idea?

What could be better than letting them walk into a room full of strangers, speaking in front of them & then trying to socialise?

We knew it right away … Yes! That’s it! ? Entrepreneurial spirit – getting them out of their comfort zone & allowing them to pitch in front of the audience at our monthly Happy Hour! ?

So there you go, we’re having this exciting event next Thursday at our Founders Café. Do join us & help us make Acsendo & TonicApp feel welcomed! ?

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