F2 Weekly #58 | Knowledge is power ?

//F2 Weekly #58 | Knowledge is power ?

F2 Weekly #58 | Knowledge is power ?

F2 Weekly #58 | Knowledge is power ?

This week we’ve been speaking a lot about our traditional educational system ? ? & other alternative forms ?, such as the program of our newest resident TNDS.

I believe that learning is a continuous & never-ending process, and that the traditional educational system can only get us so far. ?  I see enormous value in self-education as a tool to build our future. ?

Self-education is a way of schooling yourself without any guidance or institutions involved. ? Here instead of relying on others to do it, you rely on yourself. ?  In short, you are the one who is tutoring and being tutored. ?‍⚖️

This gives you one big advantage ➕  – you can customize and personalize your own tutoring to exactly what you want to learn. You learn the things you really want, you have the schedule you want, you use the tools & means of communication you want. ?  People usually say that the best way to learn is to teach, in this situation you get to teach yourself, this forces you to really understand the subjects you want to learn. ?

Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Well it has some downsides to it also. ? For example, no one will push you further. No one will provide resources for you. No one will define objectives or milestones for you. You’ll have to do it all by yourself.

I see entrepreneurs as a great example of self-learners. ? No one tells them what to do or how to do it. They discover it. Then learn about it. They make it happen.

And eventually use it as a mean to change the world ?, like Elon Musk did by teaching himself rocket science. ?

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