F2 Weekly #57 | What Makes a Genius? ??

//F2 Weekly #57 | What Makes a Genius? ??

F2 Weekly #57 | What Makes a Genius? ??

F2 Weekly #57 | What Makes a Genius? ??

Yesterday was our cultural day in Slovenia, ?? called “Prešeren Day”. What does that even mean?

Well, in short the holiday is a celebration of Slovenian’s greatest poet ever, ✍France Prešeren (so great even our anthem includes a part of his work ). Do not worry, I won’t be preaching you on Slovenian literature. ? Instead I wish to share my fascination over these people that manage to leave a mark on our histories.?

I mean, how unbelievable is the fact that even 200 years after your death you’re still remembered. ? That people still know your name, your work & appreciate it. ?

It’s remarkable. What kind of person achieves such greatness? ?

Genius individuals with exceptional talent? ? Hard workers that train & always seek for solutions?? Great intellectuals? ?  Creative people with rich imagination? ? How does someone stand out like that? ? Well, it’s a combination of a lot these factors most probably. Whatever the area of expertise.

If I look at Prešeren’s case, he, despite his unhappy life, unfulfilled love ? & heavy drinking problem ?, managed to produce outstanding poetry (or maybe he produced because of it? ? ). So, there’s no excuse. We can still leave our marks & make the generations after celebrate our achievements.?

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